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Consumer Protection Attorneys

Consumer protection lawyers help clients navigate the complexity of local, state, and federal laws and regulations, through counseling and representation in regulatory investigations, competitor challenges, and consumer lawsuits.

Common forums include, but are not limited to, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission, Consumer Product Safety Commission, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and even non-government forums like the Better Business Bureau or online review companies such as Yelp or Google Places.

Often times, attorneys identify potential liabilities beforehand and resolve past conduct by helping clients develop internal compliance programs.

Advantages of Hiring a Consumer Protection Lawyer

Where consumer protection is concerned, it’s best to take a preventative approach. Although consumer protection attorneys can certainly defend you against a class-action lawsuit, it is better business to utilize their knowledge in the creation of company procedures and policies. By setting up procedures and policies before a class-action suit arises you will save your company a lot of money in the long-run.

Consumer protection lawyers can also help your business determine if it has grounds to go after a company that sold you bad goods and/or services or did not represent themselves honestly.

Experienced Advice

The Federal Trade Commission is the government agency responsible for enforcing consumer protection laws. This includes penalizing companies that use deceptive or unfair practices. It’s important to note that a business’s intent doesn’t matter – if the effect is deemed to be unfair or deceptive, a company may be penalized.

Consumer laws also change as the world changes. You do not have time to keep up with all of those changes and make policy changes accordingly. Having a team of consumer protection lawyers to make sure your business is made aware of any changes to consumer laws is imperative. By understanding the intricate and sometimes unexpected effects of certain practices, consumer protection lawyers can help companies avoid unnecessary regulatory action.

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