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In the era of #MeToo, employers can never be too careful about educating their staff about sexual harassment. Education is prevention, and prevention is the key to avoiding this common liability. A law firm can provide preventative counsel, creating policies, procedures, and training.

Also, should there ever be an issue reported a law firm that specializes in employment discrimination can handle the post-event management, investigation, and documentation of workplace sexual discrimination and harassment.

Types of Discrimination

Of course, not all workplace incidents are of a sexual nature, and many kinds of discrimination take the following forms:




Sexual orientation


Veteran status

Those types of discriminations are defined as: When a person’s __________ (fill in with one of the types of discrimination listed above) becomes a factor in any decisions about whether or not a person can obtain a particular position. This is not only defined as employment discrimination, but it is also illegal and opens a company up to all sorts of lawsuits.

Retaliation – this type of discrimination happens when a person reports some type of discrimination about an employer and that employer punishes the employee.

Bullying – is defined as an act that does major harm, mentally and/or physically, to an employee by an employer or another employee.

Be Proactive

Addressing the potential for such missteps is key in protecting yourself and your company. Rather than waiting to respond to a claim, you can be proactive and enlist help from legal advisors who can help prevent claims from taking place, by putting policies and procedures in place.

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