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Government contracts are a specialized industry and are subject to a myriad of statutes, regulations, and policies which encourage competition to the maximum extent practicable. Their purpose is to ensure proper spending of taxpayer money and advance socio-economic goals.

As a result, contracts contain unique, mandatory clauses which afford the Government special contractual rights, including the right to unilaterally change contract terms and conditions or terminate the contract. The most important clauses are the “Changes” clause, the “Termination for Convenience” clause, and the “Default” clause.

Finally, contract claims are subject to a statutory and regulatory regime for their resolution. This includes requirements for presentation with a very short statute of limitations.


Changes clause – allows the Contract Officer to make any type of change without the permission of the contractor on site.

Default clause – is used to inform both sides of the consequences should either side not fulfill their side of the contract.

Termination for Convenience clause – allows the government to terminate contracted work, either partly or completely, whenever the government feels it is in their best interest.

Government Contract Lawyers

Specialized industries require specialized lawyers. Government contract lawyers know the ins and outs of the contract clauses and how to follow the proper guidelines set by the government. Understanding the “procurement specific-phrases” is necessary to understand how to attain a contract or how to follow the specifications within a contract.  

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