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Healthcare Attorneys

Healthcare involves many quickly changing legal issues that can involve federal, state, or local laws, rules and/or regulations and healthcare provider issues. It also covers the regulation of providers, legal issues regarding relationships between and among providers, legal issues regarding relationships between providers and payers, and legal issues regarding the delivery of healthcare services.

Other legal services touch upon the fiduciary duties of doctor-patient, such as privacy HIPAA, informed consent (battery unlawful touch), conflict of interests, patient abandonment, ADA, among others. Those services include health care licensing, certification, registration, credentialing—both privately and publicly; peer review and staff privileges; provider status and appeals; professional societies and associations; benefit claims; benefit enrollment and appeals.

Healthcare and Technology

Much like a credit card company hospitals and doctors have to keep up with the new technology by implementing electronic health records, but they also have to be able to maintain their patients’ privacy. There are rules and regulations that must be followed by the hospitals and the medical staff to ensure the security of those records.

Doctors need to communicate with their lawyers to be certain they’re contracting with companies that can properly manage electronic healthcare records while following the health care laws that are in place.

Medicaid and Medicare

As the population of older patients continues to increase more people rely on Medicare and Medicaid. Health care law lawyers can help your business negotiate reimbursement settlements, offer legal advice about what should be reimbursed and inform you about any changes in regulations that could affect how and what will need to be covered.

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