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Commercial Litigation

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Commercial Litigation Attorneys

Commercial litigation involves pretty much every type of dispute issue that arises in business, including breach of a contract, class actions, partnership/joint venture disputes, business torts, shareholder issues, civil RICO claims and breaches of fiduciary duty allegations. For example, if a company does not hold up their “end of the bargain” a Commercial Litigator can help the business get what was promised. 

Broad Spectrum 

Commercial litigation is a risk with which all businesses must grapple. Conversely, it’s also one of the many tools a company can use to protect its rights of creation and distribution. This legal action may cover a range of scenarios, for example:

Debt collection

Intellectual property disputes

Breach of contracts

Copyright infringements


Privacy Violations

It’s a standard in most industries to employ a Commercial Litigator to pursue or defend against these types of claims. 

What a Commercial Litigator Can Do for Your Business

A commercial litigation attorney’s primary focus is finding the legal resolution that most benefits your business. At times, that might mean going to court. In other instances, it could be in your best interest to settle out of court. 

Finally, a third option is to use an Arbitration Court. Arbitration is private and the settlement cannot be discussed with the public. This keeps the companies involved from having to admit any fault.

An issue may begin by going to court, but end up in arbitration. Whichever resolution is best for you and your company a commercial litigator needs to have the experience to adapt as the process unfolds.  

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